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A Blank Proposal by piku-chan
A Blank Proposal

Download for full-size.

....I think I just made a pun... *GROANS LOUDLY* CHAT GET OUT OF MY HEAD. and get into Mari's pants wait what who said that
This came out really well and I’m kind of sad that I don’t have the time to color it myself. So, if anyone is interested, they can download the picture and color it themselves! Please tag me if you do, I would love to see!! <3

Based on my Cinderella AU comic post:

all characters (c) Thomas Astruc
The Year before and the Happiness Forever more by piku-chan
The Year before and the Happiness Forever more bad habit strikes again ahahahah
well better late than never right? (and wow my title somehow sounds good look at that)
Download for full-size.

(Fair warning: long content from my tumblr below) 
While this is the official end, there is an epilogue coming after. However, I’m going on vacation to Korea so you won’t see/hear an update from me for at least 2 weeks. Added a character sheet for Lila as a bonus because @oceanspray5​ gave her a wonderful role in the story. 

Here’s an overview of Part 2 of this last chapter: 

  • Alya and Nino hear the news first before the official announcement (which comes the day after). They are very happy for Mari and Adrien and their bestie pulls them aside aftewards.
  • Alya gushes to Mari: their courting in public, Adrien spoiling her with all sorts of gifts, his own proposal (cos he’s a hopeless romantic), the celebrations, the wedding night (Mari tries to gag Alya at this point), and the cutest babies in the kingdom (Mari almost faints).
  • Nino teases Adrien: courting Mari every single day, the sweetest tear-jerking proposal (Adrien doesn’t deny it), tips in the bedroom (Nino gets punched in the shoulder), and the loving family Adrien will have (Adrien blushes a little late at the implication).
  • After the announcement, many foreign nobles return home. Lila extends her stay as a diplomat. Nathalie is suspicious of her but hides it well.
  • Lila is very upset with how things have turned, and secretly vows to seduce Adrien and eventually be crowned as Queen. She starts scheming ways to get closer to him, especially when Mari is otherwise occupied with her own duties. She also tries to give Mari a hard time whenever she gets the chance.
  • Mari and Adrien study/train to be future rulers. Mari won’t struggle with social studies (dancing, speaking, etiquette, etc.), but she will be stressed with academics (economics, politics, foreign affairs, etc.) Adrien is more involved with management and negotiations, with Nathalie assisting.
  • Mari goes through a rather hectic 6 months, but it is not nearly as bad as when she was a servant. She is a quick learner and everyone in the palace grows fond of her. After a few weeks, the palace staff has grown used to Mari making her own breakfast everyday. Sometimes, she brings Adrien his breakfast and sometimes she drags him from bed to eat. He loves it either way.
  • When Mari starts to doubt herself Adrien is there to keep her spirits up. She does the same when he worries too much about being King.
  • At the palace, Mari and Adrien spend time between lessons, when Mari needs help or during a party. He often takes her to new places for dates. They visit town and their friends as often as they can. Whenever a festival is coming, they attend either officially or unofficially.
  • When Mari has free time or wants to take a break, she goes back to her family home to relax/unwind. After the first month, Adrien comes along and enjoys the coziness of a home away from home. She gives in to his requests to let her teach him how to cook/bake. 
  • Whenever they’re at Mari’s family home, they do everything together. She often tells him stories from her childhood. Once, on their way back from the market, she mentions the ball and Tikki. From there, they share their experience with two magical beings.
  • At the 7th month, Nino proposes to Alya. Mari doesn’t hesitate to help Alya with her wedding dress (AKA pay and make the entire thing herself). Adrien pays half of the wedding, saying it’s nothing compared to the years of friendship Nino gave him. (Nino tries not to cry)
  • A small celebration is organised with all of their close friends in town. 
  • After Nino and Alya wed, their social status will slowly shift. Nino is going to be Groom Herald, a personal confidant to the King and in charge of special events when Adrien is crowned. Alya will become Marinette’s Lady-in-waiting once she is married.
  • A week before Mari’s year of training is over, Adrien surprises her by officially proposing with his mother’s wedding ring. (The venue is at Mari’s family home, completely restored to its original beauty. Mari barely holds back her tears)
  • A few days before Adrien proposes to Mari, he asks help from the palace (even Nathalie) and his friends. Mari thinks it’s another date.
  • Gabriel holds a ball on the eve of Mari’s last day of training. When the night is over, he surprises Mari and Adrien by giving them matching butterfly pendants to show that they have his and his wife’s blessing.
  • Alya, Nino and Nathalie make sure Mari and Adrien aren’t stressed on their wedding day. These three manage the event: Alya handling the festivities while Nino and Nathalie handling the formal matters.
  • A month after the year is over, Adrien and Mari are finally wed. The nobles who came to his 18th birthday were also invited to their wedding day. (Lila is nowhere to be seen *wink*)
all characters (c) Thomas Astruc
To be a King and a Father by piku-chan
To be a King and a Father
Download for full-size (extra long image). Please read sections from left to right.

AAAAAHHHHH *flops onto bed* I AM SO HAPPY TO GET THIS OUT  YOU HAVE NO IDEA. I spent so much time with the dialogue, which I’m not even sure is good at his point but WHATEVER. There are going to be TWO PARTS to this last chapter after giving it more thought and sharing them with @oceanspray5 to help with her writing. In other words, longer content. YAY!

Here is an idea of PART 1: (warning: very long)
When Adrien and Mari arrive, Nathalie greets them with a message from the King. Ladybug is to have a special dinner together with the king and the prince. They can do whatever they wished in the mean time. By this time, Nathalie has already informed Gabriel of Ladybug’s true identity. To her surprise, the king reacts neutrally. Adrien gives Mari a general tour of the palace and talks about his duties and Nino. He mentions the things they could do together at the palace. (Mari tries not to faint). Adrien shows her one of the dressing rooms and lets her explore it. When she opens a closet, she gushes over the dresses while he watches on amusedly. He is less than helpful with picking a dress with her. The handmaidens finally arrive to help Mari freshen up. 

Adrien waits for Mari and starts to feels anxious that dinner could go badly. When Mari is done, they proceed to go the dining hall exclusively meant for the royal family. Gabriel is already there and Adrien formally introduces Marinette. They take seats as Gabriel calls for dinner to be served. As they eat, Gabriel asks Mari about her family, her living situation, her likes/dislikes, skills and hobbies. Gabriel asks how she and Adrien met. Of course, they try not to mention the festival and Chat Noir. At some point, a servant “accidentally” spills wine on Mari’s lap. She is surprised but is not upset, having her fair share of accidents (courtesy of Chloe). She accepts the apologies and tries to calm down the servant. Gabriel proceeds to berate the servant and plans to let them sleep in the middle of the forest as punishment. Mari is quick to defend the servant. While Adrien is used to Gabriel’s strict punishments, he easily sides with Mari. Gabriel considers their words and actions and eventually lets the matter go. They didn’t know that the servant was following Gabriel’s orders. This was a test to Mari and Adrien.

After dinner, Gabriel invites Mari out with him at the gardens. He tells his son to wait for him at his office as he and Mari chat privately. Adrien is of course reluctant but agrees anyway. Mari and Gabriel share a few minutes of strolling quietly. They find a bench to sit. Gabriel asks Mari if she’s marrying Adrien to be queen. She instantly denies that, saying she was worried about what Adrien felt for her since he’s a prince and she’s a commoner. He replies that marrying a prince has many responsibilities and asks if she was not allowed to marry Adrien. Mari takes a moment and answers with as much clarity as she can muster. She loves Adrien unconditionally, but if Gabriel would give her the chance, she wants to prove that she can support Adrien. Gabriel is silent, seeing similarities between Mari and his wife. He can understand why Adrien is completely smitten with Mari. She fidgets when he stays silent. He only nods with finality after awhile. He thanks her and asks her to stay the night after having a long day. Mari curtsies in thanks but before she leaves she adds that Adrien loves him very much.

Adrien is nervous as he waits for his father to return. Gabriel enters, nods to Adrien and walks to his main table. Gabriel asks whether Adrien would change his mind about Mari. Adrien says otherwise. Mari selfless and courageous. What she lacks in status, she makes up honesty and a sense of moral. Gabriel replies that a queen requires more than character. She must have a level of schooling, which makes Mari ineligible. Adrien is about to protest when Gabriel cuts in to let him finish. Gabriel says Mari is only ineligible for now. With the right amount of time and training, she’d make a very good noble. He won’t let Adrien marry Mari right away but will allow her to stay at the palace and study for a year. Adrien will also take on more duties in preparation for becoming king. During that year, Adrien is allowed to court and spend time with Mari as his fiance. Then when the year is complete, they will finally be wed. Adrien is shocked and almost doesn’t believe it. Suddenly, he walks to his father and hugs him tight. Gabriel is surprised but pats his son awkwardly. Adrien pulls back and thanks his father, saying he and Mari will make him proud. Gabriel smiles and apologises that he had not been such a good father. Adrien says its okay and understands the pressures of the crown. Gabriel nods, squeezes his shoulder and tells him to give Mari the news personally. The sooner they start the training the better. 

Adrien leaves the room smiling and then he’s running through the halls to find Mari. When she opens the door to his knocking, he scoops her up and twirls her around. He gives her the good news and they both laugh and gush in happiness.

All characters (c) Thomas Astruc
designs (c) me

edit 2: I will be updating this journal as often as I can on the progress of my five commissions.

 While I am temporarily closed for commissions, I will re-open once i'm done with the first five that i have right now. However, if anyone really wants a slot, they can "reserve" one so that next time I re-open, they'll get top priority. Just drop me a note. :3

Hello! It's been a long time since I wrote a DA journal. 
Anyway, I've been getting a few notes about opening commissions. Initially I said no, but I realized I need to start preparing for conventions and print new stuff. I can't do that without some extra cash. 

Normally I would do it here on DA, but I've decided to try my luck on tumblr.
You can check out my commission post here:…
It's pretty much the same as every other time I've opened commisisons, except I've removed the bust shots (aka above the shoulders) since no one commissions those any more. 
You can drop me a note on my tumblr or email me at but be sure you've read all the things in that post. 
I will open five slots for the moment. Time and endurance will tell if I can add more slots. 

- Jennifer B. FINISHED!
- SaoswifeFINISHED!
- crazyviking on tumblr = FINISHED!
- Pmax-of-VelshyaFINISHED!

That's pretty much it.
I hope everyone is doing well! :D
oh and Happy Chinese New Year!!
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